Jaw Surgery

The first examinations of our patients who have applied for our Gazident Oral and Dental Surgery Clinic are performed by our specialist dentists. Our dentists who have completed master’s degrees in oral and dental surgery also provide examination and treatment services. When additional imaging is necessary for diagnosis, our patients will be able to perform oral, dental, and dental radiography. However, essential radiographs are taken at Gazident Clinic. Once our patient’s treatment planning is complete, the required treatment procedures are initiated.

Treatment of our patients who cannot adapt to dental treatments due to physical and/or mental disability, fear of the dentist, cannot cooperate, and have syndrome are treated with intravenous sedation and general anesthesia in the Gazident Operations Room. Our anesthesiologist and our oral, dental, and jaw surgeon perform these treatments under surgical conditions.

Treatment follow-ups are performed at our clinic with different monitoring sessions of our patients that have been treated.

Within the scope of Gazident’s work;

  • By doing normal and surgical exposures of the teeth, we create a healthier oral structure for the patient.
  • We relieve the patient from pain complaints by removing the impacted tooth extractions.
  • Dental and zygomatic implant applications,
  • Preprotetic surgical operations,
  • Bone augmentations,
  • We do not leave the patient alone after the treatment by making the diagnosis, treatment and long-term follow-up of traumatic tooth and support tissue injuries.
  • We choose the most appropriate treatment method for the patient with detailed information and x-rays in the conservative and surgical treatments of jaw fractures.
  • Orthognathic surgical operations,
  • By getting preliminary information about the treatments of jaw joint diseases, we proceed to the treatment stage with the correct diagnosis.

Danışma Talebi