The implant is one of the methods used to repair teeth that are lost over time due to chewing, speaking, tasting pain, and appearance, with a titanium screw mechanism. However, we apply All-in-Four treatment at our Gazident Clinic for patients who do not have teeth or are likely to become completely toothless soon. All-on-four is a practical and effective treatment method for cases requiring additional surgery due to bone addition and bone deficiency in toothless patients.

All-on-four treatment concept is the technique of fixed full chin prosthetic restoration on 4-6 implants on the same day as a surgical operation. At our Gazident clinic, we are guided to ensure patient satisfaction based on function, aesthetics, kind words, and confidence.



All-in-four treatment uses the titanium screw mechanism, which is used in usual implants. In implant treatment, 7 or 10 implants are used to replace the missing teeth in the patient’s jaw. Still, with this new technique, only 4 implants are sufficient. The treatment process with the all-on-four is reduced to very short periods. However, you can achieve a healthy mouth structure in a short time.


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