Periodontology is a branch of dentistry that examines the health and disease conditions of the teeth and the tissues around them, diagnosing tissue loss, numbness and pain in these tissues. It aims to protect the health obtained after treatment and treatment.

Jaw surgery is the treatment of hard and soft tissues of the mouth to help produce prosthetics, especially in pathologies such as mouth and teeth cysts, as well as teeth and jaw fractures, extracting or maintaining buried teeth in the jawbone. Jaw-face pain, lower jaw joint diseases, saliva gland disorders are also the areas where jawline surgery is working on it.

How is Periodontology Treatment done?

Different milestones are outlined in periodontology treatment. Typically, the stages of treatment performed by periodontologists are as follows;

  • Determine the diagnosis of the disease.
  • Informing the patient about the disease and what is missing with oral care.
  • Complete mouthwash and teeth cleaning with professional cleaning
  • Removing bacteria from the mouth with antibiotic treatment.
  • Surgical Therapy & Applications.
  • Follow-up and support treatment.

Diagnosis of The Disease

One of the essential steps in treating periodontics is the correct diagnosis of the disease. In our Gaziident Clinic, preliminary information is obtained from the patient in order to make an accurate diagnosis of the disease. Then various information about the clinical examination and radiographic evaluations are reviewed. After that, everything needed for treatment is passed on at this stage.

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