Root Canal Treatment

In dentistry, the department deals with problems that have progressed to the nerves in the tooth. Endodontic treatment is the process of removing the dental nerves, known as root canal treatment, and shaping and filling the canal correctly.

Root canal treatment is needed if there is an infection or permanent damage to the dental nerves. Untreated cavities can result in tooth infection and are more likely to spread to other teeth. Antibiotics are not effective for these infections that occur in the inner part of the tooth, they only provide an instant treatment. This is how the disease relapses. Untreated infection causes inflammation, which prevents blood from reaching the tooth.
In our Gazident clinic, a X-ray of the tooth is taken to determine if there is such inflammation before treatment of the root canal.

How Long Does Endodontics Last, How Is Endodontics Done?

The treatment process may take 1 or 2 sessions depending on the dental condition of patients who want to have endodontics at our Gazident clinic.

With our specialist doctor, we first do a dental X-ray of the patient that will be treated for a root canal treatment. Thanks to this x-ray, we look at how the roots of the canal stand and whether there are any signs of infection in the jawbone. If the procedure is carried out after that, our dentist will apply local anesthesia to numb the area around your tooth. Although local anesthesia is not always necessary due to the death of the dental nerve due to infection; Local anesthesia is used for the patient to relax and not to feel pain.

Treatment authorization and our documents

Since implant treatment is a surgical procedure, it is extremely important to ensure hygienic conditions and to be performed by experienced specialist doctors in order to give a healthy result. As an oral and dental health center that has acquired all these training and authorizations, Gazident serves you for your treatment with its experienced doctor staff.

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