Implant Treatment

Dental Implant Treatment

Implant treatment offers you definite and long-term solutions for your difficult dental problems. Implant treatment should be the first choice for damaged or lost teeth. For example, no matter how carefully you look at the bridge treatments, its lifespan cannot go beyond 10 years. But; Teeth with implant treatment accompany your smiles for life under the control of a doctor. It is inevitable that the palatal cavity caused by missing teeth does not invite diseases. It contains healthy teeth on the basis of a healthy mouth. Implant treatment offers you the healthy palate and teeth under your smile. Along with giving a feeling of artificiality in the mouth like prosthetic teeth, implant treatment, which is the solution of cheek collapse due to missing teeth, flattened lips, gives you the confidence of smiling freely in your environment. You can contact our Gazident clinic and get detailed information about implant treatment.


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  • Considering the process of getting used to dental implants for some patients in our clinic, we may expect some time in this process. Therefore, after the implant is applied, it is not covered with a prosthesis and the treatment can be postponed to the next session. In such delays, checks should be regular. Treatment is carried out when the patient feels ready.
  • It usually takes between 30-60 minutes. In some cases, this period may vary depending on the number of implants inserted.
  • No, the surgical operation is performed with local anesthesia, and you do not feel any pain during the procedure. After treatment, your treatment is followed up with our specialists.

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