Pedodontics (Pediatric Dentistry) is a department that aims to protect the primary and permanent teeth of 0-13 age group children in a healthy manner, to diagnose problems that may occur in the future and eliminate problems caused by cavities, injuries, hereditary factors and other similar factors in these teeth.

Your kids’ primary teeth matter.

There are 20 primary teeth in total. The main task of primary teeth is to provide nutrition to the child. The proper development and maintenance of speech also depend on the presence of primary teeth. Together with our Gazident team, we provide control of your child by protecting the permanent tooth that will replace the primary teeth, the area they cover, and guiding him while the permanent tooth is erupting.

When the primary teeth are swung, the natural hold function disappears with early withdrawal. The primary purpose of pediatric dentists is to prevent dental problems and take precautions to guide children into the future with a healthy oral structure without maintenance. By carefully passing the procedures for this purpose, we provide you with full support in the process of having healthy teeth.

Danışma Talebi