Zirconium Veneer​

Zirconium Veneer

Zirconium dental veneer is the process of making your teeth look bright and durable by using zirconium material. The other name of zirconium coating is also known as crown. It is generally used for all teeth in aesthetic smile design with applications such as carious teeth or Hollywood smile. It can be used on all teeth. While it offers an aesthetic and bright appearance on visible teeth, it also provides durability and strength for all teeth.


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  • Considering the process of getting used to dental implants for some patients in our clinic, it can be expected a little while in this process. Therefore, after the implant is applied, it is not covered with a prosthesis and the treatment can be postponed to the next session. In such delays, checks should be regular. Treatment is carried out when the patient feels ready.
  • It usually takes between 30-60 minutes. In some cases, this period may vary depending on the number of implants inserted.

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