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Your smiles should be special and healthy! We offer the best treatments at affordable prices in our clinic equipped with the latest technologies of dentistry.


Dear Visitor

There is a story behind every smile and a sense of trust at the beginning of every treatment. As Gazident Oral and Dental Health Clinic, we set out to offer you this trust.

While establishing our clinic, our most fundamental value was to adopt a special approach for each patient. We are here to offer a reliable and modern dental treatment experience that values your health. Using the most up-to-date technologies in dentistry, we meticulously plan and implement each treatment.

As Gazident Oral and Dental Health Clinic family, we are here to bring you together with healthy smiles. Thank you for trusting us, your health is important to us.

With love and health…

İbrahim Emrah CESUR

Founder / Clinic Chief Physician

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Our treatments

We offer special solutions for healthy smiles. We are here to offer you quality dental services with our expert team.

Paediatric Dentistry

We are here to help little smiles grow up healthy and safe. Our team of specialists in paediatric dentistry protects the dental health of our little patients in a fun and friendly environment.


Our expert endodontists effectively treat problems with root canals, helping you to preserve your smile and make it shine again. Your comfort is our priority at every stage.

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All on 4 / 6 Implants

Our team of experts offers these customised implant solutions to achieve maximum results with minimal surgery. With this revolutionary change in your smile, you will feel healthier and more confident.


Meet with images from inside our clinic that focuses on your health and smile.

Happy Customers

We are here to give you healthy smiles with the services we offer by prioritising patient satisfaction. Discover your experiences and get one step closer to your satisfaction!

Hatice Öngel

‘All stars 🌟 for our paediatric dentist Cansu Mrs. You are really very lucky for Yalova. She is one of the very few physicians who can understand so much of our children’s language and pull all kinds of coyness. Thank you very much for your smiling face and sweet language 🥰’

‘In my tooth, which I had previously done elsewhere, the tool was broken and abscessed, I went to 2-3 places and could not be intervened, a doctor recommended Sevda Hanım, a canal specialist. Mrs Sevda both removed the tool and made a very successful canal renewal. I thank you very much for her interest and information, thanks to her hands, thanks to her hands, my tooth is in very good condition.🙏’
İlkay Tekin
‘I think here is the only dentist I can deliver my child with my eyes closed, I would like to thank cansu teacher who works here for the attention and meticulousness I have been looking for a long time, may your energy never end, teacher, I am glad you are here 🎈’
Arif Özer
‘I would like to thank Dt. I would like to thank Mr. Erdim Doğan, then Mrs. Tehmine and other relevant assistants for the interest and care they showed above my expectations. I can say that it is definitely a place where you can go blindfolded to friends who are doing research. Health to your labour.’
Kaan Boyraz

Before / After

Would you like to see the impressive transformation of our dental treatments? Discover the dental treatments we perform for the healthy smiles of our patients.


Our team of dentists and assistants who have proven themselves and stand out with their professional experience.

Yalova Dental

Finding a Yalova dental clinic is of great importance for those living in Yalova. A good dental clinic should offer quality service, experienced doctors and an environment equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. However, since there are many dental clinics in Yalova, it can be difficult to make the right choice. Now we will try to tell you that we are the best dental clinic in Yalova.

Yalova Dental Hospital

If you are looking for a dental hospital in Yalova, you are in the right place. Gazident Oral and Dental Health Clinic, Yalova Dental Hospital, is one of the most respected and reliable dental health centres in the city. Whether it is an emergency or you come for your routine checks, experienced Yalova dentists are here to provide you with the best service.

Yalova Dental Hospital is equipped with modern medical equipment and specialised staff. Your dental health is our priority and we work meticulously to create the most suitable treatment plan for you. If you are looking for a reliable address for dental health in Yalova, Yalova Dental Hospital is an ideal option for you.

Yalova Paediatric Dentist

This is the right address for parents looking for a paediatric dentist in Yalova! Dentists specialising in children’s dental health, we serve in our clinics in Yalova. Here we provide the best care for children with special treatment methods and hygiene standards. The help of our professional team is always with you to relieve parents’ worries and protect children’s smiles. If you are looking for a reliable paediatric dentist in Yalova, this is the right choice!

Yalova Dentist Recommended

Finding the best dentist in Yalova can sometimes be difficult. However, you can make this process easier with the right advice. If you are looking for an expert and reliable dentist in Yalova, we can help you find the most suitable option for you. It is important to get the best service for your dental health, so choosing the right doctor is vital. Wait for our advice to help you find the most suitable dentist for you.

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