Tooth Tightening Treatment

Tooth Tightening Treatment at Yalova Gazident Dental Clinic: Say Goodbye to Bruxism!

Grinding or clenching your teeth (bruxism) is not only an annoying sound, but also a habit that can damage your teeth and jaws. At Yalova Gazident Dental Clinic, teeth clenching treatment is performed by our specialist dentists.

Teeth clenching (bruxism) is often caused by factors such as stress, anxiety or sleep apnoea. Symptoms of teeth clenching are:

  • Grinding or clenching of the teeth
  • Wear and tear on teeth
  • Pain and fatigue in the jaw muscles
  • Headache
  • Sleep problems

Treatment of tooth clenching in Yalova Gazident Dental Clinic:

  • It starts with the diagnosis of the cause of tooth clenching.
  • By eliminating the cause, tooth clenching is also eliminated.
  • Stress and anxiety management techniques are taught.
  • Night plasters can be used.
  • Botox injections can be applied.
  • Teeth can be repaired.

To learn more about teeth clenching treatment at Yalova Gazident Dental Clinic:

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about clenching:

How to prevent clenching?

  • Learn techniques to manage stress and anxiety.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Limit alcohol and caffeine consumption.
  • Have regular dental check-ups.

How expensive is a treatment for clenching?

The price of teeth tightening treatment varies depending on the type of treatment, the location of the clinic and the patient’s condition. You can call our clinic for a precise price information.

How long does a tooth tightening treatment take?

The duration of the teeth tightening treatment varies depending on the type of treatment and the patient’s condition.

Does tooth tightening treatment cause pain?

Bruxism treatment is usually a painless procedure.

We hope this information has given you a general idea about teeth clenching.

For more information, please call our clinic or consult our specialised dentist.

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