4 Great Reasons for Your Dental Health

4 Great Reasons for Your Dental Health in Yalova: Enjoy Your Smile!

Yalova is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Turkey with its clean air, lush green nature and thermal springs. Well, are the opportunities offered by Yalova limited only to vacation? Of course not! Yalova has also become a great center of attraction in terms of health tourism with its developing health infrastructure and expert doctor staff in recent years. You have many options in Yalova, especially in dental health.

As Gazident Dental Polyclinic, we offer 4 great reasons to get dental treatment in Yalova within the scope of health tourism:

1. Quality and Affordable Treatments:

At Gazident Dental Polyclinic, which serves at European standards, the most up-to-date treatment methods are applied by our dentists who are experts in their fields. We offer our patients a comfortable and safe treatment experience with our state-of-the-art equipment and hygienic environment. In addition, we offer affordable solutions with our specially prepared packages for our patients coming from abroad.

2. A Holiday Opportunity in Nature:

One of the best things about having your dental treatment in Yalova is that you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest. After your treatment, you can take a walk in Yalova’s magnificent nature, relax in the thermal waters or visit the historical and touristic places of the city.

3. Easy Transportation:

Yalova is in a very easy location in terms of transportation with its proximity to big cities such as Istanbul, Bursa and Ankara. You can easily reach Yalova both by road and by air. We also offer free transfer service from the airport to our clinic.

4. Comfortable Accommodation Options:

You can stay in Yalova as long as you wish with accommodation options suitable for every budget. You can choose from hotels, apart-hotels, hostels and villas for rent. There are also many accommodation options close to our clinic.

As Gazident Dental Polyclinic, we adopt the principle of providing the best service to our patients who want to have dental treatment in Yalova. We are always working to meet all the needs of our patients with our friendly and caring team.

Contact us now and have an unforgettable holiday experience with dental treatment in Yalova!